S_S.IL  (エスシール)
S_S.IL のジュエリーの多くに使われているブランドイメージでもある”X”シンボルは、さまざまな分野や方法で表現されてきた”点、線、面”の延長である幾何学的特徴の普遍的な認識によりデザインされました。

Geometric features - an extension of points, lines, and surfaces - have been expressed in various ways in different fields.
The universal recognition of geometric features allows it to be widely used both for its commercial and artistic design value.
As consumers began demanding a variety of designs tailored to their needs, more opportunities emerged to emphasize the formability of jewelry design. Derived from the nature of points, S_S.IL examined its repetitive patterns and formative elements and as a result, designed the brand's signature X pattern. Through developing the X pattern and applying the pattern to the brand's designs, S_S.IL hopes to create jewelry that can successfully combine the interrelationship between geometric features and jewelry design.